Predicción Meteorológica Sierra de Espadán

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Espadán Aventuras

Who and Where

                                 We are an adventure sports company with principal operations base in the Sierra de Espadán, but we organize mountain activities throughout the territory. 

                                 The Sierra de Espadán, is a protected natural park, located in the province of Castellón, just an hour's drive from Valencia. It has a unique landscape and a pleasant climate that makes it available virtually all year.

Multiadventures location map and adventure sports in the Sierra de Espadán          


             Autovía A-23 Sagunto –Teruel, Salida 33

                     Gaibiel, 12415. Castellón

             and contact phone Multiadventures Espadán adventure sport Adventures 679 597 091





Our Philosophy

                               We want the person you hire any activity we do so with the assurance that you will get the best service, highest security and above all, will have fond memories of your experience with us. We also want to bring the surrounding mountains from Valencia to all people who want to break your routine and know your environment in a proactive manner that respects the environment, knowing unique landscapes in the best company.

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