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          In Espadán Adventures, we are lovers of sport, mountain, environment and also of good food, so thanks to the collaboration of our friends in San Miguel de Novaliches Grill. We created the "Menu Adventure". What is?, Thus very easy to hire one of our activities, will you welcome to Adventure Menu, which for 12 enjoy the delicious grilled meat!. Not to be missed!

          By hiring one of our activities, you should know if you are interested in our culinary offer, booked and ready to eat! There is nothing better than a good meal surrounded by your loved ones, after a nice day in the mountains.






ASADOR SAN MIGUEL                  

C/. Novaliches, 4 bis


Danel 619 762 003

Sandra 676 223 511








Whath does it mean?



      Empathy with the customer. We put ourselves in the place of our guests and we do things for us. Offering quality products and locally sourced or camarcal, promoting fair trade and sustainable. Acquiring a commitment to the environment and society. We serve cuisine, food varied, tasty and quality appreciate your palate.

     Offer for customer who are made ​​some of their activity with the "MENU ADVENTURE" which will feature a tasting menu of our tasty tapas, salads, espadrilles and homemade desserts. We also do soups, dishes, paellas to order, etc ..., all washed down with our house wine or our list of beers.

     Costs 12 €.

     For reservations ask ESPADAN gladly inform you adventure here.       


      La Marieta Terraza-Bar Carrica                       

      C/. Segorbe Nº 56

      Peñalba (Segorbe) CASTELLÓN

      C.P. 12414

      TL: 665 961 892 - 635 423 603