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         In Espadán Adventures we are passionate about sport orientation. We vocational guidance and mapping. Courses which we will inform you on our website, where we teach the use and management of the compass and map reading and GPS management courses and their applications.
        We designed a test in which participants, after basic orientation class, they must find a total of 6 markers, helping both the use and interpretation of the compass and map. Ideal activity for groups of friends, families and all those who have directed the concern to know and take up this exciting sport that has endless applications.

PRICE: 20 per person.

DURATION: 3 hours.Orientación en Sierra de Espadán por Espadán Aventuras

FROM:  12 years.

MINIMUM GROUP: 4 people.

DATES: All year.

Orientación en Sierra de Espadán INCLUDES: Initiation Class 1 hour, compass and maps, monitors control and accident insurance.

NOT INCLUDED: Materials required for the development of the activity, ie, mountain boots, clothing, backpack, water, food, hat, sunscreen...Orientación en Sierra de Espadán

Orientación en Sierra de Espadán por Espadán Aventuras, empresa de multiaventuras






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Orientación en la Sierra de Espadán, empresa de multiaventuras y deporte de avenutras